About Us

Hope Collective is an online emporium that brings contemporary and quality products made by NGOs and Social Enterprises right to your doorstep. The portal is a step towards revolutionizing the Social Development sector by decreasing dependency on charity, and by promoting the concept of 'Conscious Consumption'. In this all-inclusive marketplace, find only those products which are associated with a cause towards making a social, economic or environmental impact. Hence, you aren’t simply limited to selecting from the range of merchandise but also have a chance to support from a list of charities. So be it handicrafts crafted by prison inmates, candles made at blind schools, or organic foods grown by villagers, all are easily accessible at one place.

Hope Collective's primary aim is to create an alternate source of funds for NGOs and increase profitability for Social Enterprises. However, we also lay extreme importance in providing our customers an extensive collection, quality products, reliable delivery and a hassle free online shopping experience. 

 Support a plethora of causes by making small changes in the way you shop

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