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Black Baza Coffee – The Biodiversity Friendly Organic Coffee Company

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Devakshi Nayar

4/20/2017 12:29 AM

Black Baza Coffee Co. started as a conservation project to improve biodiversity found on coffee farms in India. They spent their first years, speaking to over 300 growers – documenting shade trees, coffee yields, value chains and simply understanding the challenges of farming sustainably. 

They found that although India has one of the most sustainable production systems in the world, their coffee was moving rapidly from shade to sun grown.
So they started selling coffee in 2015 to support coffee growers to follow biodiversity-friendly farming, which They define as coffee grown under the shade of indigenous forest trees, without chemical pesticides and with active re-forestation of wildlife-use areas on farms.
They believe that if they could create a market for biodiversity-friendly coffee, they would be able to build a large community of coffee producers within India and across producer nations who follow ecologically acceptable farming practices.

Their coffee is sourced from the heart of the Western Ghats biodiversity hotspot, from farms across elevational gradients. Some farms fall alongside rivers. Others lie beside sacred forests and wildlife sanctuaries. They source a variety of washed and unwashed Arabicas and Robustas.

100% Organic Biodiversity Friendly Coffee

The Black Baza Coffee label guarantees that their coffee come from a farm that follows biodiversity-friendly farming practices. their farming philosophy exceeds the environmental standards of most other global certifications. their holistic approach ensures conservation and wellbeing at an ecosystem level - for tree and plant diversity, wildlife species, climate change resilience, soil and water quality and livelihood security and recognition for producers with best practices. Result: their cup of coffee is kinder to the environment. 





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