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Maya Organic - World Class Handcrafted Organic Toys

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Devakshi Nayar

4/26/2017 3:26 AM

Maya Organic is a livelihood development initiative involved in developing a network of artisans, workers and micro-entrepreneurs capable of producing high quality wooden products. We are a non-profit company registered under section 25 of the Indian Companies Act and a member of the World Fair Trade Organisation.

Currently Maya Organic is working with the artisan community in Channapatna – a small town near the city of Bangalore in India. In addition to supporting existing artisans with contemporary design/product development support and consistent orders, the initiative has also been training several new artisans, particularly women into the handicraft cluster in order to revive the cluster with an infusion of fresh skills, designs and markets and supporting the artisans to build viable micro entrepreneurial alternatives.


Maya Organic follows the capability model wherein it holds that building inherent capabilities of individuals and institutions eventually makes them competent to respond to future challenges of markets, social conditions, environment and politics.

Maya Organic also partners with markets and develops designs for products and services so that the efforts of the artisans are dovetailed with professional inputs, backed with contemporary and relevant designs and market approaches.

Maya Organic recognizes that merely with inputs of finance/ technology or even some kind of knowledge, little is likely to change since it may not be possible for people to depend on these continuously. Building capabilities thus not only becomes essential but is perhaps the most sustainable and effective way to alleviate poverty.

Contemporary | Reliability | Simplicity

…core features of MAYA ORGANIC Designs

Maya Organic Designs are made keeping in mind not only existing skills of workers but also current and emerging market needs, to cater to the interests of the end-consumer. Children’s products, for instance, are designed with an eye for ensuring safety. The attention to design extends beyond products and services to also include the packaging of the products.

Maya Organic seeks to provide a unique platform for designers not only to explore, innovate and evolve new ideas but also see the fruition of these ideas in partnership with the large base of informal sector workers, facilitated by Maya Organic.

Identifying designing and sample-making stage as a core area for quality products, Maya Organic has in place a sample-making setup (that includes a dedicated team and required infrastructure) to translate designs into samples and to identify possible areas for further improvement, through trial production and test marketing.

Working with Maya Organic would entail a commitment for developing the design and working with the Maya Organic team to ensure trial production. Design briefs would be provided by the Maya Organic team to enable smoother operationalisation of the process. Simultaneously, Maya Organic is also open to working with designers to jointly develop design briefs, if necesary. When designs adopted by Maya Organic become successful in the market, Maya Organic would offer a royalty payment on the designs.

Maya Organic invites professional and training designers (working either on specific product types/ materials or on integrated products) to utilise this platform to share their skills and experience and become active partners in addresing livelihood issues of the working poor.




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