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  • Aditi Dubey


    Ruas is a social enterprise that works with traditional women artisans to create sustainaible livelihoods and increase credibility of their craft forms. Our mission is to create niche, handcrafted products catering to the artist in all of us. Each product features embroidery by rural women artisans of Kutch.Know More
  • Amishi Shah

    The Upcycle Project

    The Upcycle Project, are passionate about changing perceptions around waste and making it fun and acceptable. We hope to inspire creativity and boundless imagination while looking at unrecylable waste in urban homes, through well designed and high utility products that are affordable. At the moment, we primarily work with waste vinyl records to mak....Know More
  • Amritika Phool


    Umeed, the Rehabilitation Centre is an initiative by Animal Care Society in Gurgaon. Taking forward Animal Care Society’s agendas, UMEED is a Non- Profit Rehabilitation Centre dedicated to helping animals in distress. The organisation is in dire need of funds to help them with their operational costs. Hope Collective provides them a platform to t....Know More
  • Anuradha Modi

    Holy Cow Foundation

    Holy Cow Foundation is an NGO that assists the Gaushalas/gausadans to reach a level of sustainability where they can provide good lives to the animals with good management practices.. This is done by facilitating exchange of technical know-how in manufacturing Panchgavya products (which in Sanskrit means a blend of five products obtained from the c....Know More
  • Arshiya Bose

    Black Baza Coffee

    The Black Baza Coffee label guarantees that your coffee come from a farm that follows biodiversity-friendly farming practices. Our farming philosophy exceeds the environmental standards of most other global certifications. Our holistic approach ensures conservation and wellbeing at an ecosystem level - for tree and plant diversity, wildlife species....Know More
  • Jidnyasa Butley


    'Paaduks' is derived from the Sanskrit word 'Paadukas' which is the name of India's oldest, most quintessential footwear. 'Paada' means foot in Sanskrit and 'Paaduks' essentially means footwear. Our footwear are made of natural cotton fabric, jute, and soles made from up-cycled rubber such as discarded tires, used conveyor belts, old rubber mats an....Know More
  • Korou Khundrakpam

    Sahi Naturals

    The Warakki Life is a social enterprise based in the Northeastern state of Manipur. We are focused on fostering initiatives for creative, healthful, and responsible living. One of our first offerings, SAHI naturals is a range of handmade natural body-care products. We offer an array of body and hair soaps which are cleansing, nourishing, gentle on ....Know More
  • Mahima Mehra

    Haathi Chaap

    Haathi Chaap is a brand of paper manufactured in Rajasthan, India, out of elephant dung. The name comes from 'Haathi', meaning 'Elephant' in Hindi and 'Chaap' which means 'press' or 'imprint'. This eco-friendly stationary manufacturing company makes gorgeous poo paper products by recycling and sterilising elephant dung, making these wood free and c....Know More
  • Manas Nanda

    Bubblenut Wash

    BubbleNut Wash is a social enterprise that seeks to create livelihood opportunities for rural and tribal communities by creating demand for unutilized forest produce. One such fruit is ‘Soapnut’ which has natural cleaning and foaming properties due to an active ingredient called ‘Saponins’. BubbleNut Wash has developed a proprietary technol....Know More
  • Meeta Sharma Gupta


    Most of the plastic toys available in the market are not safe for your children, because they contain phthalates, PVC and bisphenol-A. According to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) around 33 tons of plastic toys are thrown in landfills every year, or the more than 179,000 tons of batteries that ran them also thrown in the trash. Shumee ta....Know More
  • Navya Aggarwal


    "I Value Every Idea" is an initiative to support the local craftsmen who have the skill but not the opportunity. Their skill and our design, together bring to you some unique handcrafted products, to add a new flavor in your everyday products. We take pride in our association with one of the oldest and most sophisticated hand skills - carpentry , a....Know More
  • Neha Upadhyay


    Guna promotes eco positive eating via Macrobiotic food workshops and retailing organic dried fruits and oils sourced from over 650 rural women farmers. It is driven by Neha Upadhyay, a Macrobiotic coach who graduated from King’s College London & trained in organic, macrobiotic cooking from Daylesford Organic Cookery School & Whole Food Harmony (U....Know More
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